Train Hard. Be Incredible.

Volleyball league starts on October 9th! Here is the schedule in case you haven't seen. Thank you for all teams, coaches, and parents for your participation and commitment.

Team 1 Riverton
Team 2 Joplin Maroon
Team 3 Galena
Team 4 Eclipse
Team 5 Joplin Blue

Monday October 9th
Court 1
6:00pm Riverton vs Joplin Maroon
6:45pm Riverton vs Eclipse
7:30pm Eclipse vs Galena
Court 2
6:00pm Joplin Blue vs Galena
6:45pm Joplin Blue vs Joplin Maroon

Monday October 16th
Court 1
6:00pm Eclipse vs Joplin Blue
6:45pm Joplin Maroon vs Eclipse
Court 2
6:00pm Joplin Maroon vs Galena
6:45pm Riverton vs Joplin Blue
7:30pm Riverton vs Galena

Monday October 23rd
Court 1
6:00pm Riverton vs Eclipse
6:45pm Riverton vs Joplin Maroon
Court 2
6:00pm Joplin Blue vs Joplin Maroon
6:45pm Eclipse vs Galena
7:30pm Joplin Blue vs Galena

Monday October 30th
We will do a 2 match guarantee tourney based on records of the last 3 weeks. Begins at 6:00pm

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night! Good Luck to all teams!




Pass, set, spike! Learn to do it all better with us at MVP. Work on that first-step quickness, make your serve impossible to return, and add inches to your vertical. We want you to be a part of what we are creating for volleyball in the Four States. We know we have incredible talent in the area and we want you here to get better so you can represent your team/school to the best of your ability. Join us for our volleyball academy or come in for a private lesson and watch your game go places you never dreamed.


When it comes time to play in an MVP tournament you are not going to want to miss out, because we make it more fun than anyone. Don’t believe us? Come experience it for yourself!


 • 2 courts

 • Director Sara Wall

 • Host HOA tournaments

 • Grades 3 - High School