Train Hard. Be Incredible.

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Who we are


We are four families that were brought together by the Battitudes travel softball team. One night, in the lobby of a hotel during a softball tournament, we decided that there really wasn’t a great facility where we could train our girls. Not like the one we envisioned anyway. We wanted a place that our team could practice and play that could help them develop their game, get them ready for high school ball, and maybe even prep them for a college career.


To do this, we went out and found our fifth family, the Noels. Travis Noel has a HUGE heart for kids and for sports, and he is the General Manager of MVP. Travis and his wife Jackie live in Galena with their three children and are excited about what MVP will mean to them and to the area.


Our philosophy


Hard work is the key to growth. It is true for our kids when it comes to school, and it’s true for them when they get on a field. We are going to make sure that every kid that spends time in our gym understands that there is NO SUBSITUTE for working hard to get better. We will help them see the correlation to success in life that comes from hard work in school and success on the field. The college players and pros that our children love to watch got there the same way – by training their tails off in a local gym and in their backyard. We want to help players be better on the court or field, we want to help coaches deliver a great experience to their teams, and we want to teach parents what it means to be a great fan of their young athletes. We value the culture we will create with you, and know that it will set MVP apart from any facility in the country.


Why are we doing it?


We built MVP so that families in the area could have access to a facility that you might only find in a larger market. We are passionate about our kids, and we are passionate about your kids as well. Not every young athlete is going to advance to a high school team or play in college, and we don’t care. We just want to help every player become the very best that they can be. If we do that, then everybody wins. BIG!